Maritime Domain Awareness – Watchkeeping Operations

Maritime Domain Awareness – Watchkeeping Operations

Maritime Domain Awareness – Watchkeeping Operations


Our military, its partners/stakeholders across HM Government departments and foreign allies, both military and civilian, work together to protect international waters. This includes providing maritime security for international trade in areas with clear threats from piracy, armed robbery at sea and other illegal activity.


Sailors at sea require the support of operational watchkeepers – a trusted team for logging locations, liaising with various countries and local security forces, analysing events and incident management. Required 24/7/365, the Royal Navy is internationally recognised as a leader in Maritime Domain Awareness and a provider of watchkeepers. For the last 10+ years, we have supported them with professional watchkeeping, helping to adapt to digitisation and establish a wider global maritime trade capability.


We deliver a complete, 24-hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year operations room manning service, with management oversight to support the Royal Navy, maritime industry partners and international shipping.

Employing ex-military and reservists, our highly experienced management team ensure enduring resource allocation, of suitably qualified and experienced personnel on every watch, as well as providing management oversight and decision-making during critical incidents.

Our analytics team interrogate data captured to present deep and informed incident reports and develop customer briefs in pursuit of continuous improvement.


The service’s reputation is world-renowned by a variety of industry partners and international stakeholders. Our in-depth subject matter expertise and an understanding of operations, blended with innovation and adaptability, have led to us exceeding expectations. We have evolved since inception to digitization and the changing needs of the customers, leading to improvements across the scope of work, including the defining of roles, work practices and processes. We are part of our client’s continuous cycle of improvement and innovation.

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