Aviation Manufacturing Modifications

Our reliable, open, and innovative fixed price solutions are delivered by a fully insured supplier that understands the aerospace industry and the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of aircraft. 

Our experience in delivering fixed price projects spans structural, electrical, manufacturing, mechanical, production and design disciplines. Recent projects include:

  • B737 Winglet/scimitar modifications
  • B737 Forward pressure bulkhead terminations
  • B737 Scribe line lap joint repairs
  • B747-400 Telair cargo loading and structural modifications
  • B747 Section 41
  • B757 Cargo conversion
  • ATR42/72 Cargo conversions
  • BAE 146/RJ Wing spar replacements
  • CRJ Engine beam replacements
  • B777 Forward and overhead crew rest modifications
  • Sea King HC MK4 Cat 4/S repair and rebuild modification programs
  • Chinook Julius AV programme
  • B727 Winglet
  • B727 Super 27 engine conversion
  • EPGWS Dual SARS and MODE-S rebuild modifications

Aviation Experts

We have proven experience in supplying engineering fixed price packages to airlines, MROs, and other companies in technical sectors, managed by our in-house team of permanent Aviation Engineers and Project Managers.

Proven Experience

We have a 12-year history in providing sole supply and managed service solutions, plus multiple renewals with clients including British Airways, GE, Jet Aviation and Airbus.

Compliant Solutions

We have national compliance with agency legislation as well as international capability to source candidates for UK roles and overseas requirements.

Partnership Led

We work in an open and transparent manner encouraging collaboration and shared goals at every stage.

Value for Money

With cost transparency and fixed price deliverables we offer value for money for a quality solution.

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