Aircraft Modifications/Repairs - Winglets

Aircraft Modifications/Repairs - Winglets

Aircraft Modifications/Repairs - Winglets


Our client based in mainland Europe provides refurbishment, modification, upgrades and maintenance of private and publicly owned aircraft.


Engineering challenges plus contract variations are not uncommon for our client. Our agility is particularly valuable to help them manage such events and still deliver some of the highest customer satisfaction standards in the industry.

For example, when a VIP Boeing Business Jet customer wanted to add a split scimitar winglet modification as a contract variation, we were able to mobilise and deploy our engineering team to carry out the work package. The asset was already in the hangar with its structural integrity compromised due to the stage of the C Check it was at. We therefore had to work with the aircraft in situ, adjacent to other engineering teams and to contractual bound timescales including financial penalties for late delivery.


Our Chief Engineer worked closely with the client Project Manager onsite to define the project brief, work breakdown structure and task for our team of six specialist engineers.

We liaised directly with the aircraft OEM and winglet manufacturer to confirm specifications, technical drawings, and technical instructions, and acquire all parts in time to meet the tight deadline.

Ensuring we had access and adequate space to work on the aircraft alongside other engineering teams involved constant communication, daily stand-ups and progress meetings with the client Project Manager.


We allowed a nine-day window but delivered the project for client sign-off within a total of just seven days. This was achieved through the unique expertise of our high-performing and highly motivated team, and shared objectives with our client to delight their customer.

The aircraft was handed back to the owner on time with the additional works completed – saving thousands of pounds of cost (and immediate fuel-saving costs) if the winglets had been installed under a separate contract.

As an embedded, trusted partner, we have supported and helped solve multiple such challenges in our 15+ years of service.

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