Partnership-led fixed-price delivery provides cost savings & management efficiencies

Hamble Aerostructures Ltd (HAL)

Project: Building 31; Hamble, Southampton

Dates: 2007 - ongoing

Overview: HAL is a leading supplier of major civil and military aircraft structures in hi-tech composites, metallic, acrylics and hybrid structures.



Our client had health and safety concerns around the amount of noise created during production in the main assembly hanger. A decision was therefore made to relocate production to ‘Building 31.’

When planning for this project our client recognised that the majority of workers were long-term contractors and contractor management was becoming increasingly more difficult. It was decided that outsourcing the project to a full Purchase Service Agreement could be the best solution.



After being awarded the Purchase Service Agreement (based on providing the best value for money solution), Carbon60 Project Services took on full responsibility for recruitment, staff management, quality and health and safety standards. We provided all of these elements within one fixed price.

We were proud to successfully manage the smooth implementation of the project including the moving of all tools, jigs and contractors. We TUPE’d existing contracting staff, ensuring we retained their expertise.

To this day, we continue to be responsible for maintaining the hanger and business, working closely with HAL to ensure they remain informed of rates and labour planning. In turn, they advise us on any staffing issues that could affect our management. We are also responsible for quality sign-off on the project, allowing us to address any issues immediately. We operate a true and seamless partnership and are well integrated into their business structure.


A crucial result of our solution is significant cost savings for HAL. The facility now costs much less to run than it did previously.

Contractor management has disappeared, so the staffing process is much simpler. This combined with the fact that health and safety is now also taken care of by Carbon60, means that HAL have seen an estimated 80% reduction in management time, freeing senior staff up and allowing them to focus on alternative projects.

Overall, Building 31 now runs more efficiently and has seen an increase in quality and the implementation of best practices. These improvements mean that management now have an ability to challenge and improve processes on an ongoing basis.

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